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Responsibilities of Volunteers

The Responsibilities of Volunteers at Hawkesbury Radio

You have the responsibility to:

  • have a professional attitude towards your voluntary work
  • be prompt, reliable and productive with regard to commitments and agreements made with Hawkesbury Radio
  • notify the appropriate person if unable to meet commitments
  • accept and abide by station rules
  • understand and adhere to the Codes and maintain familiarity with broadcast laws such as defamation law and the Broadcast Services Act 1992
  • not to represent Hawkesbury Radio publicly or commercially unless prior arrangement has been made
  • not to bring into disrepute the operations, management, staff or other volunteers of Hawkesbury Radio
  • treat technical equipment with due care and respect and to notify technical staff of faults and problems
  • undertake to complete a minimum of the basic level of training offered at the station if you are intending to work in any area of programming
  • only use station resources and equipment in carrying out work for Hawkesbury Radio and not for personal or private purposes
  • ensure that the station has your current contact details
  • respect the racial and religious backgrounds and the sexual preferences of your co-volunteer workers and work to ensure that Hawkesbury Radio is a safe work place for everyone
  • contribute to the achievement of a safe, tolerant and equitable working environment by avoiding, and assisting in preventing, behavior which is discriminatory.

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