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Hawkesbury Radio site. A great little community radio station in Sydney's north west. Firmly founded in the local community, the station provides interesting content related to the Hawkesbury area, sports, music and talk aimed at the local listeners.

Welcome to HawkFM

We are restructuring our station in quite a major way.    The first step is to merge some of our activities with Hawkesbury Gold,  another TCBL Holder (Temporary Community Broadcasting Licence) in the Hawkesbury. 

Over the past few weeks the two stations have been working to cooperate in numerous ways.   We are now sharing programming resources,   technical resources,  people between us.   

As of 6 December,   Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM and Hawkesbury Gold 89.9FM will both be known as HawkFM.   New logos and other marketing materials will appear soon.   Some new identity sound clips are already playing on the station.     All your favourite music,  news, traffic updates and the latest information on the Hawkesbury area will be found on our FM 89.9 transmissions and our 24/7 streaming on our multiple streams.  

HawkFM are excited about the future.   We are grateful for the support we've received from so many listeners and sponsors over more than 40 years as Hawkesbury Radio  and we believe the future looks rosy for our new combined venture HawkFM as we move into the future. 

Upgrades happening to our FM signal

Upgrades happening to our FM signal

We are in the process of upgrading our FM audio processing system which means not only will we sound better, our signal will be louder in those areas with poor signal. Also, we now broadcast our Station name and some other messages which can be seen on modern FM radios and newer car radios (RDS). 

If you see these messages on your radio, please send us a photo to our Facebook Page

Download our FREE app!!

Download our FREE app!!

Now you can download our free app from the Google App store.  (our IOS app for iPhone and iPad coming soon)      WIth the free app, you can listen to YOUR Hawkesbury Radio all day, every day in clear rich stereo through your mobile device.   Connect it by bluetooth to your car's stereo,  headphones  or your home stereo system.   Even when we arent allowed to broadcast on the FM transmitter, you can still hear us through the app, loud and clear.   

WIth a single tap, you can listen to our growing collection of podcasts,  and communicate with us by twitter.      Downoad it today from the Google App Store

UPDATE:   iPhone version now in the App Store.  

The IOS version for iPhones and iPads is now available in the Apple App Store.    Just search for "Hawkesbury Radio"  and there it is!   It's free and with it you can tune into us 24 hours a day,  every day.  

Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard is a free public service  from Hawkesbury Radio.  Not-for-profit organisations holding events in our listening area or close to it, are welcome to let us know about forthcoming events, which will be included in our noticeboard announcements several times a day.

All you have to do is let us know at least two weeks in advance,  and make sure you give us details of a contact person so we can follow up with one of the organisers.

Now you can contact our Community Noticeboard team on line through our Community Noticeboard page. >>>

Test link for new server: (this may not work for everyone yet - not fully tested)

Time now is:

10:16am, Saturday, 29/January/2022

On Air Now

   9:00am OUT & ABOUT - Around the Hawkesbury with Matt Ellings

What's on today

  •    12:00am Music From Foggy Hollow
  •    3:00am General Music
  •    6:00am Sports Watch
  •    9:00am Out & About - Around the Hawkesbury
  •    12:00pm Saturday Arvo
  •    3:00pm Pre Party..............
  •    7:00pm Retro Party Show

Station Membership

Join your local station and join us in serving and informing our local community!     Download the Membership Application form,  print it out and after completing it as fully as you can, send it to us at 

Hawkesbury Radio,
11 Fitzgerald Street,
Windsor, NSW, 2756

Or alternatively drop it into the office at the above address.

Service information

We love meeting listeners - if you see our Outside Broadcast bus near you, come over and say g'day! Sadly because of the current social distancing, we can't get out and around as often as we'd like. We'll be back out and around the community again as soon as we can do so safely.

Why not call the studio and say g'day or make a request instead? Call (02) 45 899 899 or you can text a request on 0427 899 899

We don't currently have any Outside Broadcasts scheduled - why not have us broadcast from your function/promotion/event?

Find out more details at our community page >>>