Let Hawkesbury Radio help you build your business, tell local people about your activities, and at a far more cost effective way than you probably think, all while sponsoring your local radio station.

Now is the time to get your message out

It's not the time to pull back on promotion - its the time to step up - but make sure you're doing it wisely.

More businesses are challenging their promotional activity in these times - reasoning that they should allocate their effort where their customers are. Local media for local businesses.

There is no point in a Hawkesbury business talking to a listener in Bondi on tv or metropolitan commercial radio if they're unlikely to travel all the way to the Hawkesbury to buy the product or use the service.

It's quite possible that half the effort spent locally could have twice the impact or more because more of the people hearing the message would be potential customers.

Tough economic times mean more promotion not less

 In tough times,  companies cut back on expenses,  and often that includes promotional spending. 

But people are still buying things, eating out and going to the movies - and radio is a cost-effective advertising medium that can be highly targeted with a strong call to action, and so is a good choice in tough economic times

Community radio listeners are locally oriented

Community radio listeners are locally-oriented and more likely than non-listeners to say that "our local community is very important to me". Community radio is the perfect place to reach attendees of local events, businesses who draw their customers from local populations, and issues relevant to the local community only as people head home from a stressful day.

Now, more than ever, community radio represents terrific value for your marketing efforts because you are not reaching people who will never be your customers because they dont live anywhere near your business.

Community radio is a competitive medium

Because it is so targetted, community radio is talking only to local listeners. You aren't wasting your money reaching people who will never be likely to visit your business. Sponsoring community radio is more competitive than advertising on national FM networks or commercial FM stations for businesses whose customers are mostly local.

Hawkesbury Radio works for Sydney's north-west

Put simply, adio works. It's low cost, targetted. It's far more cost-effective than TV and more immediate and flexible than print. And Hawkesbury radio is the only broadcast medium that's directed specifically at Sydney's north west.

People are still living

Don't think just because the economy has taken a downturn and people are all social distancing that you should stop telling your story.

People are still living - buying food, buying clothes, going places, eating - and if you arent reaching them, your competitors are.

Hard times are the times to INCREASE marketing effort, not reduce it. And by sponsoring community radio you can target your message very precisely.

About 73% of small businesses want to grow

Small businesses may be foregoing growth opportunities because they are tied down in run-of-the-mill activities such as inventory management and banking, says the Commonwealth Bank.

About 73 per cent per cent of small businesses surveyed wanted to spend more time pursuing growth opportunities, according to the bank's Better Business survey conducted in March. But almost half said day-to-day functions were taking up most of their time.  The survey questioned 469 financial decision-makers in small businesses across the country, with an annual turnover of less than $10 million.

Two in five respondents said they wanted to spend more time on generating new sales and over one-third wanted to engage in more marketing.

Over one-third wanted to spend less time on supplier management and cashflow management.

"For many small business owners, there is little question over the importance of processes like cashflow management, which is considered the lifeblood of a business," Commonwealth Bank general manager of local business banking Matt Comyn said in a statement.

"However, the survey has highlighted that day-to-day activities are taking up a large proportion of their overall resource.

"This means that there is little remaining time to focus on growth plans."

So let radio take some of the marketing heavy-lifting for you.   Let Hawkesbury Radio talk to your customers for you, and give them reasons to contact you RIGHT NOW.

Radio works best Long Term not Short Term

Radio doesn't work to its best in short term tests. To create the most effective promotion campaigns possible for your business, you need to make sure that the campaigns are LONG ENOUGH to have impact. And, "long enough" is not just a few weeks or months.   Some of the best radio campaigns last years not just months. It's repetition that works in radio.

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