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Name: tristan shunmoogum   Location: Auckland Nz
Guys u know I am :) Tuned in briefly this morning sun 9 feb 2020. B4 heading out for the day. And heard Christina new show. Amazing job Chris. So proud on how much you have improved. The quality of your hosting is awesome. I almost didnt recognize u. Chris u may be my Ex but i wish you all the very success in your radio career. Never doubt urself and reach for the stars. Guys I miss u and keep the dream alive God bless and Go Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM Love and hugs Tris
Added: 9 / Feb / 2020 7:38am

Name: Christian Raith   Location: Berkeley, NSW
My favorite station, love the variety and down to earth announcers.
Added: 21 / Jan / 2020 6:49pm

Name: Jorden Bowerman   Location: Parramatta
Listening to Grahame Kennedy overnight he does a good mix of music not to much talk, and not that pre recorded american rubbish that the other operators put on the frequency some other announcers like the sound of their own voice and just rabbit on. Keep up the fight you might eventually win.
Added: 20 / Jan / 2020 12:20pm

Name: DAVID B HUNTER   Location: Alabama, United States
I love the "Veggin' Out Wth Al" show! He plays the greatest music. So much variety and his weather reports are LEGENDARY! His New Year's Eve show was fantastic. I enjoy listening to Hawkesbury Radio throughout the week, but I always listen Allen's show.
Added: 5 / Jan / 2020 4:39pm

Name: Tris   Location: New zealand
Hi all You already know how amazing you are To my amazing Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM family Heres wishing u all the very best for the festive season. I'm sorry I never really got come In and say goodbye properly. Miss u guys alot. But I will be back one day for a visit. Yvonne keep doing what u do so well. Wilco your a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to us all. Live the dream. And my brother from another mother Redman keep smiling and filling the airways with ur awesome show. And of course donna Ttocsurt and leon. Not sure if ur still around. But u guys rock. Take care all of u God bless and know u hawkebury radio 89.9FM is forever in my heart Your former presenter Tris
Added: 22 / Nov / 2019 4:38am

Name: Peter   Location: Glenhaven
Only been listening the last couple of months on the weekends and have been enjoying the programming, banter and outside the norm variety of music lists. It made my week when l heard a track of Roxy Music's 1973 album For your Pleasure, Blue Sunsets and Grey Lagoons on Sunday . Great stuff. Thank you.
Added: 24 / Jun / 2019 9:56pm

Name: Margaret   Location: Castle Hill
I’ve been a regular listener for a long time. I am not happy about some of the style and content of your recent programs. Particularly on a Saturday when timmo plays that dance music. It’s not music for a Saturday morning at 9 am. In fact it’s not music for a Saturday day at all. It should be put on after 7 or 10 pm at night. I also don’t agree with him talking about sports and spending half an hour of 89.9fm time speaking about crap. He isn’t a journalist or sports commentator. ACMA have guidelines for music , this certainly doesn’t fit. He doesn’t fit well with that time. I’m happy to speak to some one on the phone if you want my thoughts , but perhaps that’s not a great idea. I used to love easy listening music and upbeat tunes. Not unprofessional chatterboxes playing party music at 9am
Added: 29 / Apr / 2019 1:21pm

Name: Christina   Location: Sydney
Hi all my condolences to everyone at tje station, my thoughts & prayers are with you all and gavin's family++ donna & leon you guys did an amazing show!! Love & blessings to all xxx
Added: 9 / Feb / 2019 9:03pm

Name: greg   Location: penrith
really enjoy donna on mondays,great presenter and plays great music,still luv wonder woman herself yvonne on tuesday and mark on saturday night rocks it .hawkesbury radio is still the best station even online,nothing beats it.
Added: 28 / Jan / 2019 10:21pm

Name: Tris shunmoogum   Location: Armidale nsw 2350
#Drivetime #manic Monday's Donna and Johnny what more can I say!!! Wicked show today guys 21/01/2019 Really enjoyed our trivia time to Johnny well Done bud. That tie break hehehe was a close one :) and Donna keep forever bubbly. Take care and have fun :) Redman keep doin what ur doing I really miss u my brother. Yvonne my wonderful dear friend. You are a true legend and inspiration to us all luv u guys heaps and hope soon to see u. Stay true and remember #Hawkesbury899 STREAMING the friendly skies. Much love Tris
Added: 21 / Jan / 2019 10:57pm

Name: Tris shunmoogum   Location: Armidale nsw 2350
#Drivetime #manic Monday's Donna and Johnny what more can I say!!! Wicked show today guys 21/01/2019 Really enjoyed our trivia time to Johnny well Done bud. That tie break hehehe was a close one :) and Donna keep forever bubbly. Take care and have fun :) Redman keep doin what ur doing I really miss u my brother. Yvonne my wonderful dear friend. You are a true legend and inspiration to us all luv u guys heaps and hope soon to see u. Stay true and remember #Hawkesbury899 STREAMING the friendly skies. Much love Tris
Added: 21 / Jan / 2019 10:55pm

Name: Christina   Location: Sydney
Hi everyone Just wanted to say have a safe, fun, exciting new year!!! Wishing you all good health, success, happuness, smiles, laughter, & love!! Love Christina xxx
Added: 31 / Dec / 2018 4:10pm

Name: Tristan Shunmoogum   Location: Armidale nsw 2350
Have a very Merry Christmas and New year My wonderful Hawkesbury Radio Family. Hope Donna, Leon, Redman,Yvonne,Wlico,Smithy and of course Danno and Jackie. Continue to provide our amazing listeners with the fun filled shows that we love to hear. Take care and have fun over this festive season. Miss you heaps. Your mate and ex host. TRIS :)
Added: 22 / Dec / 2018 6:25am

Name: Christina   Location: sydney
Hey One and All Its Christina, i just wanted to personally say that i wish you all a safe, joyous, and Merry Christmas. - Christina
Added: 18 / Dec / 2018 2:50pm

Name: Debbie and Lee   Location: Wilberforce
We just wanted to say how happy we are to hear Gavin back on air again and in fine form! We love this station and hope that you will be live on the radio more than just the 3 days a week soon.
Added: 23 / Nov / 2018 9:44pm

Name: Christina   Location: Sydney
Hi all its christina, just wanted to thank you all for giving me the time of my life, you guys are all family and have a special place in my heart, i miss u all very much & just wanted to say a huge thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart!!! Love Christina
Added: 25 / Oct / 2018 2:10am

Name: Tris shunmoogum   Location: Armidale nsw 2350
Oh Redman... My brother your sounding great never stop being who you are!! Your a legend. Love your playlist and your little jokes... How about some jazz sometime :) #Hawkesbury89.9 #thebestinthewest Take care Tris
Added: 16 / Oct / 2018 11:35pm

Name: Tris lee shunmoogum   Location: Armidale nsw 2350
Yes guys it's me Tris I wanted to say a huge thank you to my Hawkesbury Radio family. Especially Donna (Thank you for all ur support. Love your drive time show) Redman what can I say about this wonderful man :) I tune in every Thursday 4 ur show love it bro. And to my dear dear friend Yvonne thank u for being more than just a friend you now family. I had a great time at Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM. U always have a place in my heart. I will be back for a visit. And just maybe say my final goodbye on air. Love u guys Tris
Added: 11 / Oct / 2018 6:29pm

Name: danno frantic friday forever smooth   Location: hawkesbury radio 89.9
thank you listerners for all your feedback and support keeping you all entertained
Added: 17 / Sep / 2018 5:36pm

Name: shannon kopp   Location: st marys
i love listening to danno great music interviews
Added: 29 / Aug / 2018 2:31pm

Name: Donna From Monday Drive time!   Location: Hills Area
Thank you for all the continued support. I have enjoyed being part of the station the last few months! I love the feedback here and getting calls from listeners. We really have the best station in the west!
Added: 20 / Aug / 2018 7:30pm

Name: Chris & Tris Up Late & Party Central on hawkesbury radio 89.9   Location: Sydney
Hi its chris & tris from Up Late & Party Central on hawkesbury radio 89.9 just listening to Chris Underwood before our show, chris is funny and down to earth, and has great music so make sure you tune into his show before uplate every Wednesday. Love from Chris & Tris - Up Late & Party Central on hawkesbury radio 89.9
Added: 15 / Aug / 2018 7:14pm

Name: paul mcdougall   Location: Dean Park
Hey guys, Just want to say how awesome two of your presenters are there names are Donna and Leon, They both know there stuff, Donna has a segment on her show called 90’s Rewind with Johnny Vegas, which in my opinion is awesome to hear some awesome 90’s music, I honestly look forward to this segment each and every week, To Donna & Leon, Keep up the awesome work that the both of you are doing.
Added: 13 / Aug / 2018 11:06am

Name: Jean   Location: Dural
Great radio station, Great presenters. Some not so great. Enjoy Monday arvo with chris and then Donna has me singing along and laughing and the Tuesday fling with Yvonne is enjoyable. Redman does a great show. Susie is ok too. All round most are great. I was Not sure if I was on the right guestbook; seems mostly comments for Kristina that all look the same just different names. Anyhoo, Love most of the shows. Just a few that are too much for my ears. Thanks for reading
Added: 12 / Aug / 2018 11:33pm

Name: Barry Oliver   Location: Orchard Hills NSW (near Penrith)
I listened in this morning & heard Donna on the air. What a great presentation & voice. I hope to hear more of her.
Added: 11 / Aug / 2018 12:59pm

Name: Jessica yeiling   Location: Hoboken New Jersey
A friend of a friend of mine said to listen to this amazing radio station. Stumbled apon your "up Late and Party Central shows with Christina and Tris. All I can say is Party on dudes!! They entertain and also play great music. Both have great personalities :) keep doing what u r doin. Hawkesbury radio theses two are keepers :)
Added: 9 / Aug / 2018 12:45pm

Name: Jarod neems   Location: NEW YORK
Chris and Tris your Late Night show last night 8/8. Helped me bulid the nerve to propose to my girl. The answer was Yes. Thank you guys for playing our song mmm ok ur song lol " this I promise u " my fiance and I love NSYNC:) and have met them twice at a concert. Playing that song last night was the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for making my dream come true. HAWKESBURY RADIO 89.9FM THESES GUYS MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN. GOD BLESS JAROD
Added: 9 / Aug / 2018 12:38pm

Name: Jackson Taylor   Location: PERTH WA AUSTRALIA
Been listening on and whilst at the yard. Also hear u one Saturday night whilst driving from Sydney to Melbourne in my Truck. Christina u have a great voice 4 radio. Love ur weather updates :) ur hubby tris is lovely too. Nice to hear a husband and wife team on radio:) Keep doing what you doing. Be proud of what u deliver. From the guys at Primrose trucking Go 4 gold!!
Added: 3 / Aug / 2018 1:46pm

Name: Ryan   Location: PARIS France
Added: 3 / Aug / 2018 1:38pm

Name: Julian Alexander Lee   Location: Singapore
My Cousin Tris and his wife Chris. Are awesome. Playing music to sing and dance too. I'm loving it:) Go for gold guys Much love JULIAN ALEXANDER LEE
Added: 29 / Jul / 2018 2:55am

Name: Kae Shammoogum   Location: Canada
Hi Tris and Chris. Heard ur show last night Will tune in Saturday. Your sounding great.... keep smiling christina :) and tris Much love from ur Canadian family Kae and family
Added: 26 / Jul / 2018 2:11am

Name: Judy Collins   Location: Tennessee USA
Ahhh the sweet sounds of Chris and tris. Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM rocking the internet livestream. Tuned in every Saturday night LOVE UR SHOW U ROCK!!!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN JUDY
Added: 22 / Jul / 2018 3:53am

Name: Yovan   Location: Mauritius
My cousin Tris and his wife Christina are amazing. They bring life and joy to radio. As well as playing some great music. We love them here in Mauritius God bless :) Yovan
Added: 22 / Jul / 2018 3:50am

Name: Nicole   Location: Malaysia
Thanks for playing my song Tris and Chris ! Both of you are the coolest deejays ! Thank you and keep up the awesome work and keep on playing !! Cheers !!
Added: 15 / Jul / 2018 12:47am

Name: David Edwards   Location: WALES
Well done Christina. Your show has been really entertaining and fun to listen too. Go England for the Win. Keep doing what u like doing. Proud of u. As I'm sure Tris is. Much love
Added: 11 / Jul / 2018 10:31pm

Name: Blair Guthrie   Location: ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY ENGLAND
Hello there I happened to stumble across your live stream on my tune in app. And listened to such amazing dynamic duo. Tris and chris their show party central is wonderful. Something lovely to listen to whilst studying Great work guys Regards Blair
Added: 8 / Jul / 2018 3:58am

Hi there. Surfed on in via Google And noticed that Hawkesbury NSw has a radio station. And as my beautiful wife was born in Windsor NSw. Thought I would stream the radio show for her. Christina and Tris u guys are amazing u play the songs we like to here. Keep up the great work. I'm sure the management team at Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM are happy to have u guys. GOD BLESS FROM LONDON UK MIKE
Added: 8 / Jul / 2018 2:30am

Name: Judy Collins   Location: USA
Hey Chris and Tris. Promise u I would tune in.. Your sounding awesome :) keep up the great work. And Tris well done to Ur team England :) love ur show.. Your fan from the US Judy
Added: 8 / Jul / 2018 2:05am

Name: Sarashwetee Guness   Location: Mauritius
I'm Tristans cousin... I'm currently listening to the party central show. Whilst watching the England Sweden Game. GO England. WELL Done Tris and Chris for providing a great range of music and a lot of laughs. Will definitely promote ur shows here in Mauritius. To all my classmates Love Sarash
Added: 8 / Jul / 2018 1:39am

Name: Chris & Tris - Uplate &Party Central on Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM   Location: Sydney
Hi All this is Chris & Tris from Uplate & Party Central on Hawkesbury radio 89.9 FM we just want to say a HUGE Thank You to you all, from around the world who is supporting us, tuning in on wednesdays and early sunday mornings, your love, support, friendship, your warmth fills our hearts, we are greatful and thankful and blessed to have you all with us, thanks to Yvonne and the team who are guiding us, who are our friends and family and to you all, this feeling is incredible guys. keep tuning in every wednesday nights from 10pm to 12 am sydney time and early sunday mornings from 12 am to 3am sydney time for more exciting music and laughter and fun that will have you singing and dancing with us. you all are now our friends and thank you from our hearts to yours. keep tuning in. your friends Chris & Tris - Hawkesbury radio 89.9 FM
Added: 5 / Jul / 2018 3:08pm

Name: Judy Collins   Location: Tennessee USA
Added: 4 / Jul / 2018 10:52pm

Name: NICK ASHELY   Location: Los Angeles California USA
Greetings from California Surfed on into Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM via the tunein app. THANK U CHRISTINA. FOR REMEMBERING 4th of July. And of course Joe Jackson. YOU HAVE SUCH A PROFESSIONAL STYLE AND VOICE 4 RADIO. WOULD LOVE TO HEAR U DURING A DAY SHIFT ONEDAY. KEEP SMILING REGARDS NICK
Added: 4 / Jul / 2018 10:44pm

Name: Daniel Fannadas   Location: Las Vegas USA
Added: 4 / Jul / 2018 10:37pm

Name: tristan shunmoogum   Location: Pendle hill
Thought I would tune in to Hawkesbury radio 89.9FM . As I cant sleep. SUZIE is lovely presenter. Plays some great songs. Rang in to request a song and was greeted by a warm friendly voice. Thanks a million suzie for playing my song :) keep forever smiling and best of luck on your new Sunday show :) cant wait to meet u at one of our staff events one day soon :) tris and christina shunmoogum
Added: 3 / Jun / 2018 1:08am

Name: tristan shunmoogum   Location: Pendle hill
Couldn't sleep so tune in to the best radio station ever 89.9 FM Hawkesbury radio. And who should I hear but our lovely friend Redmen. CHRIS my friend you are sounding amazing, loving the music and ur intros. Much love from both of us here tris and chris
Added: 3 / Jun / 2018 12:40am

Name: Heather   Location: New Zealand
I love listening to my big brother; Tris and his wife; Kat on Hawkesbury Radio; a radio in Oz!!!!! I love their music and yes; they play your songs too!!!!! Great music; in many ways; you laugh, you cry, you dance, you have memories and many other things; you would be a fool not to listen to them!!!!! I love their ads too; one as a voice that sounds like Syd the Sloth, another ad; sounds like Hutt Radio's ad of a place I used to work at!!!!! Love the music and them and everything about their shows!!!!! Great shows; every time!!!!!
Added: 30 / May / 2018 10:51pm

Name: Joe miranda   Location: Subang jaya Malaysia
My nephews wife Christina. Is unbelievable she sounds so professional on air. Almost didnt recognized her. Keep doing what u love. God bless from us in KL
Added: 28 / May / 2018 7:58pm

Name: Kanen Boloomsamy   Location: MAURITIUS Port Louis
Hi there christina is bubbly and plays great music. I love Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM via tunein. So good to listen to a great Australian radio show. Whilst I work on my cars :) yes. Christina is my cousin in law.. much love from ur family here in Mauritius. Keep doing what u love :)
Added: 16 / May / 2018 10:45pm

Name: ERICA ROSS   Location: Toronto canada
Tristan is a old school friend. When he mentioned to me that his wife was on radio from 10pm-12am Sydney time. I thought I would tune in via live stream. Christina thank u thank u thank u for playing dont rain on my parade. It will be my audition piece in 2wks God bless and good luck...
Added: 16 / May / 2018 10:32pm

Name: tristan shunmoogum   Location: Pendle hill
CHRIS Redman. What more can Christina and I say about this wonderful down to earth guy. Bringing u the best of the 80s. REDMAN follows Christina's up late show on wednesdays. And his shows are fun and amazing to listen to.. thank you Yvonne and the hawkebury family for selecting an amazing host :) GOD BLESS from Tris and christina
Added: 3 / May / 2018 12:12am

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