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Hawkesbury Radio site. A great little community radio station in Sydney's north west. Firmly founded in the local community, the station provides interesting content related to the Hawkesbury area, sports, music and talk aimed at the local listeners.

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Now you can download our free app from the Google App store.  (our IOS app for iPhone and iPad coming soon)      WIth the free app, you can listen to YOUR Hawkesbury Radio all day, every day in clear rich stereo through your mobile device.   Connect it by bluetooth to your car's stereo,  headphones  or your home stereo system.   Even when we arent allowed to broadcast on the FM transmitter, you can still hear us through the app, loud and clear.   

WIth a single tap, you can listen to our growing collection of podcasts,  and communicate with us by twitter.      Downoad it today from the Google App Store

UPDATE:   iPhone version now in the App Store.  

The IOS version for iPhones and iPads is now available in the Apple App Store.    Just search for "Hawkesbury Radio"  and there it is!   It's free and with it you can tune into us 24 hours a day,  every day.  

Appointments to the Management Committee

Following the sad passing of Gavin Casburn, and the resignation of Graham Kennedy from the committee,  the Committee decided on Monday 11 February to appoint two people to the casual vacancies.   Under the rules, they will serve on the committee until the AGM when their positions become vacant.   (They will be eligible to stand for election at that time) 

The two people appointed were Mark Courtney  and James Glendenning,  both of whom will be familiar faces to members, having been members, and worked in and around the station for a long time.   

The Management Committee welcomes Mark and James to the Committee.

Mike Kear,  Secretary

Update On Our Licence Arrangements.

There is a new order from the regulator, ACMA about sharing of the frequency 89.9FM in the Hawkesbury. As from 5 December, a new operator will be joining the scrum sharing our frequency, making a total of four aspiring radio stations seeking what will eventually be a permanent licence.

Hawkesbury Radio, the original community radio station that has been serving the Hawkesbury district for about 40 years will now broadcast on FM from 12:01am Thursday until 12 Noon Saturdays.    Of course we will continue to broadcast around the clock every day on our streaming services as well. An increasing number of people are joining us that way from all around the world which is making us very pleased indeed.

To accommodate the latest schedule, some changes are happening to our programme schedule. A few presenters have decided to leave us, and some new presenters are coming on. You can see the updated schedule on our Progamme Guide

Overwhelming Vote in Favour of Change

During August,  Hawkesbury Radio Communications Co-operative Society Limited,  the entity that owns the station, conducted a postal vote of members regarding a proposal to change the structure of our organisation.     We are pleased to announce that the votes are in and have been counted.        The members have decided by an Overwhelming majority to convert the organisation to an Incorporated Association. 

This will mean a new simplified set of rules and procedures,  a new name   (Hawkesbury Radio Communications Association Inc ) and a structure that’s a lot more flexible and easy to adapt to changing circumstances in the 21st century.   

The procedures are currently in process to make all the legalities happen and register the change with the relevant Federal and State Government departments.  These should all be finalised in the next few weeks.    

But one thing is not changing – we are going to continue to bring the Hawkesbury community good local and relevant LIVE radio 24 hours a day, EVERY day as we have for around 40 years.

Some of our committees are looking for members ...

If you're a member and you've ever wanted to be involved in the running of the station, there are many tasks you can take on.  One of the most important is to be an active member of a committee.   Right now, two of our committees are looking for members and if you are interested in what they do,   then make contact with them.    There is a link on the form in the Contact Us page,  or you can contact the office and they'll put you in touch. .

Events Committee:   this is a new committee - its purpose is to organise our activities at events other than the major ones that have their own committees  (Outside Broadcasts, and the Hawkesbury Show) .  The sort of events this committee will organise would be any fundraising event we might run for raising our own funds, our presence at community events such as Australia Day, etc.    IF this looks interesting to you, then go to the Contact Us page and use the feedback form to send a message to the Events Committee

Transition Committee:   Another new committee.    The purpose of this committee is to plan the movement of the station from a Co-opoerative to an Incorporated Society.and plan all the myriad details that need to be taken care of  - legal, financial, etc.    Also the constitution and policies of the new structure - how will they be different from the current?   Then plan and organise a Special General Meeting to put the proposal to the members for their approval (or otherwise as they see fit)    If you think you can contribute to this at times, dry but extremely important activity,  please go to the Contact Us page and use the feedback form to send a message to the Transition Committee

The ORIGINAL Hawkesbury Radio | Serving the Community

Please be advised that Hawkesbury Radio - the ORIGINAL station that has been serving the Hawkesbury community around the clock for almost 40 years - is Not off the air we have switched off our transmitter to share the frequency with other stations who want to take over the licence, as instructed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The ACMA has granted temporary licences us, and to 2 other stations to see who will be granted the permanent licence eventually. We have to share the time on 89:9FM

  • Hawkesbury Radio (us - the ORIGINAL station) has been given noon Thursdays to Noon Sunday
  • CAMS has noon Sunday to Noon Tuesday
  • Hawkesbury Gold has Noon Tuesday to Noon Thursday

We will recommence our FM Broadcast on 89.9FM at Noon Thursday In the mean time you could listen to us on the internet stream, by clicking "Listen Live" above and follow the instructions, or go to the Tune-in app and search for Hawkesbury Radio.

If you want to help, let ACMA know what you think. Email them at communitybroadcasting@ACMA.gov.au

UPDATE Hawkesbury Radio is continuing to improve live and streaming services!

Hawkesbury Radio is delighted to announce that your Hawkesbury Radio has been granted the temporary broadcast licence from ACMA, that Hawkesbury Radio applied for. Hawkesbury Radio will continue to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days every week, just as we have done for 39 years. The other applicants for the temporary broadcast licence advised ACMA that they were not able to commence broadcasting immediately.

Hawkesbury Radio will remain broadcasting 24/ 7 until November 5 by which stage Hawkesbury Radio will have a further update on proceedings. The future of radio that serves the Hawkesbury is secure. Just like the phoenix, a new era for Hawkesbury Radio begins now. Get on board with your Hawkesbury Radio. Apply for membership now and show your support as we move forward and grow into the future. Thank you for your support.

The New Hawkesbury Radio is about to appear!

Show Application With the (temporary we hope) cessation of our FM broadcasting on Tuesday at midnight, and converting to all-internet streaming, the programme committee is evaluating our programming strategy for the coming months. As of Tuesday midnight, all program slots will be vacated and an assessment made as to what resources we have available and what will best suit our needs going forward.

While we await what we are confident will be the awarding of a temporary licence, we will be broadcasting in reduced hours over our two internet streams and working on increasing our audience from that source. It?'s known that worldwide, internet listeners are increasing exponentially over FM, AM and Satellite radio, so this is an excellent opportunity for us to work on that aspect of our station. We will have fewer restrictions on content over the internet and we can therefore have more flexibility in how we do some things. Also we will be broadcasting to an audience that is spread much wider geographically so we need to experiment a bit to see what difference (if any) that makes to what we say and do on air.

This link will give you a form to use to apply for a program slot in the new schedule. We know it?s short notice, but if you want to have a show in the new Hawkesbury Radio, we would like you to complete the form and get it to the Programme Committee or get it to the office, or scan it and email it to programming@hawkesburyradio.com.au as soon as you can. The sooner you get the form in, the sooner we can work out our new schedule and get back to what we do best.

Hawkesbury Radio | Making great radio and streaming content

An important announcement from Hawkesbury Radio.

Yes, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) announced that they were not renewing the broadcast licence for Hawkesbury Radio. In the formal confirmation from the ACMA, they advised the board of Hawkesbury Radio that the ACMA would be calling for applications for Temporary broadcasting licence. In conversations with representatives of ACMA, again Hawkesbury Radio was encouraged to apply for a temporary broadcasting licence. All successful applicants of a temporary broadcasting licence may then apply for a full broadcasting licence.

Hawkesbury Radio would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we have received at this time from the community. We ask that the Hawkesbury community, who we have served for 39 years will swing behind us and all join Hawkesbury Radio and write to Minisiter Fifeld, the Minister responsible for community broadcasting, protesting their actions. The minister's email address is minister@communications.gov.au or telephone (02) 6277 7480.

In light of the facts, the directors of Hawkesbury Radio are committed to continue on the tradition of 39 years of continuous broadcasting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our action plan going forwards is simple. Firstly, Hawkesbury radio will continue to serve the Hawkesbury community and the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet, while we await confirmation of our temporary broadcast licence. We will negotiate with the ACMA to meet any concerns regarding membership requirements. Hawkesbury Radio will then apply for the re-instatement of the broadcasting licence. Hawkesbury Radio believes that the ACMA is committed to a community radio station for the Hawkesbury. A radio station that serves our unique part of the world; part urban, majority rural and unserved by other media.

The directors of Hawkesbury Radio believe that the future is bright. Hawkesbury Radio will go the tough yards to prove that we are the only option for broadcasting in the Hawkesbury. Our plan is clear. Hawkesbury Radio has a dedicated membership to broadcast into the future. Let us not be tarnished by our few bad apples. Hawkesbury Radio will move onto bigger and better things and be stronger in the future.

Hawkesbury Radio is not dead!

Community noticeboard

Community NoticeboardCommunity Noticeboard is a free public service  from Hawkesbury Radio.  Not-for-profit organisations holding events in our listening area or close to it, are welcome to let us know about forthcoming events, which will be included in our noticeboard announcements several times a day.

All you have to do is let us know at least two weeks in advance,  and make sure you give us details of a contact person so we can follow up with one of the organisers.

Now you can contact our Community Noticeboard team on line through our Community Noticeboard page. >>>

Community Relations Committee needs more members

The station’s Community Relations Committee is looking for more members. If you'd like to be involved in this committee, please let Community Relations Director Mike Kear know as soon as possible.

The Community Relations committee manages our station's activities with not-for-profit organisations around our listening area. Our most obvious function is the regular free Noticeboard segments that run frequently on air. It's our job to collate the information for the Noticeboard and produce those on-air segments weekly


But our role is wider than just the noticeboard. Part of the station’s reason for being is to be a part of the Hawkesbury community and to enable community access to our programming in a way that dovetails with all our other activities. We have a range of things planned and in the planning for this coming year and we need to find members who are interested in being a part of this vital function for Hawkesbury Radio.

You'll need to be:

  • A member of the co-operative,
  • Willing to contribute ideas in a positive way
  • willing to do a bit of work to help further the station's objectives in the community

You don't need to have a lot of experience with the station, just some enthusiasm and willingness to contribute that's all.

If you would like to know more about this committee and how you could be involved, contact Mike Kear using one of the methods below to discuss how you might be involved.

Email: webmaster@hawkesburyradio.com.au
Or just leave a note in the mailbox in the office door.

Mike Kear
Community Relations Director

Our coverage of the Bridge to Bridge Ski Classic

Once again, Hawkesbury Radio was covering The Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic, which is Australia 's internationally renowned water ski race. Set amidst the backdrop of the picturesque scenery of the incredible Hawkesbury River, this event attracts competitors nationally and globally. It is a great adventure that commences at Dangar Island in Broken Bay and proceeds along the length of the Hawkesbury River finishing in the historic town of Windsor . Interstate and overseas competitors are amazed at the beauty and hospitality of the Hawkesbury region and in particular the township of Windsor, the renowned home of the Bridge to Bridge.

Our outside broadcast bus was again at the finish line to cover all the excitement.  Here are some pictures from the event ...

Tiana,  Lumpy's niece helps out in the Hawkesbury Radio OB Bus$40K raised for the Steve Waugh Foundation by the winners, team F2 StingaL-R: Lumpy, Steve Waugh, Gavin Robertson, Noel Selby

Congratulations to the Rugby League Call Team!!!!

For FIFTEEN YEARS now, Hawkesbury Radio's rugby league call team has kept up a high quality live call all season.   It's no small achievement to keep it up all that time, and maintain the professional quality of the broadcasts,  bringing the rugby league to our listeners week in, week out.

This provides a valuable service to the listeners in the Hawkesbury - enabling them to stay in touch with their team even if they can't attend the game.     Our call team has a sophisticated broadcast with numerous observation points  including expert as-it-happens game call,   sideline eye,   and keeping track of what's going on in other games on the same day.    This requires teamwork, organisation and attention to detail.     Not to mention quick thinking and diplomacy if things go wrong or there is any hiccup with the facilities at the ground on the day.   Backup plans are part of the deal for the rugby league call team.

Watch the video, prepared by Nicole Fitzsimons, as she takes a look at a day in the life of the Hawkesbury Radio commentary team.

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