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Outside Broadcasts

We frequently take our station to local events, as part of the Hawkesbury community. If you're running an event, or some community activity, tell us about it and perhaps we can broadcast at your place!

Want to have us broadcast at your place?

The Big White Broadcast Bus

Hawkesbury Radio would be one of the few community stations equipped to run the station entirely from a remote location.   We have a purpose-built OB bus, equipped with a state-of-the-art digital studio capable of almost anything we might be required to do:

  •  Broadcasting the entire programme live from major events in the community for days at a time if necessary
  • Playing up-to-the minute music on a local broadcast, with live crosses to the studio for promotions
  • Calling major sporting events, football matches etc with our team of expert commentators
  • Covering disasters and providing up to the minute community information from on the spot reporters

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