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What the listeners have to say

Name: Angela   Location: McGraths Hill

Thank you thank you thank you for playing my request Guy (and 89.9FM) - my boyfriend is serving overseas on our anniversary today and he was able to tune in and heard the dedication. Big mwahs x

Name: Jess Wagner   Location: North Richmond

Can we please request a song for our son - MUSTANG SALLY - - He is listening this afternoon while he is hanging out with us (mum and dad) at work. Thanks guys - Song is for Jack Wagner

Name: Keisha and Adam   Location: Stalybridge (UK)

Tuned in to PopRocks via Tunein for the first time today (well tonight your time) - coming through load and clear - great to keep in touch with whats happening back home and enjoy the music of course!

Name: Asa Hudson   Location: England

Today we had the pleasure of listening to an Amazing commentary from the Westfield W-League match, Western Sydney v Sydney FC, Julian Daw and Nicholas Kutnjak kept us on the edge of our seats with there Great and very Funny match commentary. Wish this Comedy Duo could do all the Women's W League games.

Name: Mal & Jeanene   Location: Sackville

We're regular PopRocks listeners but love the variety of programs on 89.9FM. Both Mal and I would to wish everyone at Hawkesbury Radio a very merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous 2017.

Name: Noel Selby   Location: South West Rocks

Listening to the Bridge call sounding good Lump and TK.

Name: Mo   Location: Rouse Hill

70s night on Thursday very cool guys.

Name: Jack and Wendy   Location: Richmond

Just want to say thanks for covering the Wanderers games. We listen every week and love it!

Name: Mick & Janice   Location: Bella Vista

Great to have Horsey back! Means we can lock 89.9 in from 4 thru til 10 on Thursday nights. Go guys - keep rockin!

Name: Janice Petrie   Location: McGraths Hill

'Discovered' 89.9 through a friend and we tuned in tonight to PopRocks for the first time. Wow - knew all the words to all the songs. Wine 2 women and song on a Thursday night!

Name: Deirdre   Location: Mangrove Mountain

Thanks for the memories Mr Thursday night DJ - loved every minute.

Name: Sam Hayakawa   Location: Honolulu

MUSIC FROM FOGGY HOLLOW with Mike Kear First time tuned in. Great music, Love it!

Name: Pat   Location: Lower Portland

Please pass our thanks on to your Thursday night presenter Pop Rocks who managed to dig out a great memory my husband and I had been racking our brain over the name of for days. Keep up the great music and good work.

Name: Eric and Niki   Location: Ettalong Beach

Ridin' down the highway, goin' to a show, stop in all the byways, playin' rock 'n' roll - thanks for playing our request Guy. Cool show.

Name: Mel   Location: Bilpin

Love the lineup with Horsey and Pop Rocks on Thursday night - dynamic duo - hope it's here to stay. Great music and so easy to listen to. Thanks Mel

Name: Lyn   Location: Kurrajong Hts

Sitting back and listening to your Thursday night DJ - not a song I didn't love. Thanks for switching on the memories.

Name: Mitzie   Location: Warners Bay

Whoo Hoo - just heard our tragic dose of 70s and 80s is on again with Guy - cheerin!

Name: Ian & Yolanda   Location: Godwin Beach

Missing our dose of 'tragic 70s' tracks on PopRocks - but still tuning in on a Thursday night up here to 89.9 online. Get better soon Guy

Name: Ellie   Location: Central Coast

Hi guys Not sure if Pop Rocks has moved its timeslot from Thurs but missing our weekly dose the last couple of weeks. Couldn't see changes on the schedule thats all. Thanks heaps Ellie

Name: Gill   Location: UK

I know I'm just one in a million listening to your Sunday shows but would just like to say a big thankyou to Yvonne at Country Corner and Suzie who's next on filling in for John. Rockin' good music! from two excellent presenters! Can't fault them!

Name: Donz and Ronz   Location: East Kurrajong

Been a loyal listener for years, love the station and the great mix of music.. Cheers

Name: Trace   Location: Glossodia

Girls night in with Guy's? show = soooooo much fun - so many memories. Thanks 89.9

Name: Darren & Boof   Location: Blacktown

Got the Thursday night Guy on the radio in the dock - only thing hotter than this is the music - very cool. Cheers

Name: Bryan and Michelle   Location: Waverley

Great to hear PopRocks is back - and all those very daggy (but cool) tunes from when music actually meant something. Thanks 89.9

Name: greg   Location: richmond

happy new year to everyone at Hawkesbury radio,zorba did an incredible Nye party show ,1 great song after another to ring in the new year ,I declare this to be the greatest Nye show on Hawkesbury radio ,i couldn't tune out ,zorbs kept the tunes coming, great show ,great music,then greg hicks came on and kept and the music going with his great music ,what a night,well done zorbs and hicksey ,2 great dj's, the only way to spend Nye / new years day is with Hawkesbury radio.

Name: Robbo   Location: Riverstone

Had you guys on in the store last night and your Pop Rocks show. Great memories for all us dags out there - made Thurs night at work just a bit more bearable. Thanks

Name: Sheree Williams   Location: Penrith

Hi Scotty and Johnny Thankyou ever so much for a wonderful lesson in Radio and Interviews / for Companion Animals in the Media Course at Richmond TAFE. I love being a student in Animal Care at Richmond TAFE and we are fortunate to be able to have our wonderful teachers like Rosalie involve us all in the wonderful field trips/excursions and meeting people in the fields we need to cover topics in. Our class enjoyed the experience, thankyou both again for giving up your time to come in .I look forward to hearing the broadcast . Cheers and Happy and Safe Holidays to everyone (Remember to Chip-Collar-Tag Your Pets-dogs and cats ,keep them safe always) Sheree

Name: Monique   Location: Pitt Town

Thanks guys (Guy) for playing our request on our anniversary tonight - it helped bring back so many memories. x

Name: Mr Slash   Location: Home

Congrats to the latest Ricky award winner!

Name: Matt and Karen   Location: Auroua Colorado

Hi Hawkesbury Radio 89.9 Just wanted to say we tune in each Wednesday morning online here when we get home from our shift to hear our friend Guy's show. About 16 hours time difference - but its our little link back to home after being away for so long. Keep up the good work guys

Name: Jan   Location: Kincumber

Thanks heaps for playing our request Guy - love the show. Jan

Name: Horsy   Location: Richmond NSW

Johnny G bro with the FLOW, good program today man, enjoyed it, go well...

Name: Don Ensign   Location: USA

Good to be able to drop in and have a dose of Glossodia when I need one. Thank You

Name: Don Ensign   Location: New York state

Hello to Brownie up in Glossodia, Jacaranda Stud and Skids. Still kicking Miss you all Duck on the hill

Name: Kevin Tims   Location: India

Hey Guys, Tuned into your live feed last night and just wanted to say congratulations on a wonderful show last night and the amazing country music, Tall Paul you are awesome... Cheers

Name: Damo   Location: Leonay

Please thank Guy for playing my request tonight - and let him know it worked! Cheers Damo

Name: kris   Location: south Windsor

webcam page definitely needs a scrolling chat style box for the public to send requests and to chat to the presenters!!!

Name: Paula, Jo and Jayne   Location: Sackville North

Thanks heaps to Guy for playing our requests last night - soooooo much fun! We'll be tuning in an annoying him again next Thursday night.

Name: Max and Lorraine McMaster   Location: Shelley Beach

Finally worked out how to listen online last night to Pop Rocks. and then Cathy Vaughn later on. Loved the music and the memories. Keep up the good work.

Name: emily   Location: Lajamanu, Northern territory

I wanted to say congratulations to crossbar & the porn star on there finial show!! big love from the territory!! <3

Name: Tom McManus   Location: Vineyard

Please could you possibly allow Lumpy to do a 6 hour shift on Thursday evening/night? He has a top show and does not have an EGO? We would love him to have a six hour show. He is good to listen too, and is real. TOM

Name: Tazz   Location: South windsor

Had a great time listen to your new host Steve on Sunday made work go so much faster

Name: Becka   Location: Central Coast

Rockin out to your old school Thurs night DJ - cool!

Name: Michelle and Denise   Location: Winmalee

Great to hear Guy back on air - thanks for playing our requests x

Name: Marie and Stan   Location: Bringelly

Tuned in for the first time tonight to Pop Rocks - so many memories, so much fun - talk about a timewarp! Keep up the good work loved it! Thanks

Name: greg   Location: richmond

get well soon Yvonne ,we miss ya.,its not the Tuesday fling without you and theres no ace frehley playin or funky feet .

Name: greg   Location: richmond

lovin the Thursday nights with lumpy on air,great music and stories behind the songs.can we scrap the news when lumpy's on ? and boogie around the clock with lumpy.thursday nights should me known as" boogie with lumpy on Hawkesbury radio".lets keep this great man in the time slot.boogie lumpy boogie.best Thursday night entertainment ever!

Name: Melinda T   Location: Annandale

Oh no! Heard last night PopRocks is going on holidays! Love the group chat while listening to the show - hurry back Guy!

Name: Kris Brkich   Location: Kellyville

Listening to your program at the moment and also several days last week - Susie - fantastic choice of music. Love to crank up the radio at home and in the car and sing along to our old songs - keep them coming. You're doing a fantastic job! Last week you played a guitar instrumental by Wayne Alexander (guitarist from Qld) - would love to hear another track and find out where I could obtain a CD.

Name: Lyn   Location: Glendenning

Thursday nights love it love it love it

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