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Announcers Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

These guidelines, policies and procedures have been prepared to ensure that Announcers comply with our policies and various statutory requirements. They must be followed without exception. Non compliance can result in the suspension or cancellation of your broadcasting endorsement by the Board


Hawkesbury Radio will schedule at least one on-air announcement each week that contains information about the Policies and Procedures pertaining to the functioning of the station and where listeners can obtain a copy.

The announcement is scheduled in our normal run sheet with other announcements and must be played when it appears in your show within a few minutes of the time scheduled as the flow of your programme makes appropriate.

Members and Volunteers

For the purposes of this section, 'volunteers' includes both members of Hawkesbury Radio and volunteers who can take part in our primary activities without being fully paid-up members of the Hawkesbury Radio.


Hawkesbury Radio is a community radio station, which relies on the efforts of our members and volunteers to maintain operations. Our members and volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and want to be involved in the station for different reasons.

These include to:

  • contribute something to the community,
  • develop professional skills,
  • maintain existing skills,
  • enjoy the social nature of the organisation,
  • facilitate personal growth.

We aim to treat all of our members and volunteers equally, with respect and trust, and to provide a workplace that is safe, enjoyable and fulfilling. We will endeavor to provide a working environment that is flexible in order to allow our volunteers to gain the benefits they wish from being involved with the station.

Conversely, we expect our members and volunteers to act professionally and in good faith towards our station at all times. We expect that they hold the interests of our station and its community in equal regard to their own to ensure positive outcomes for themselves, our station and the Hawkesbury community we serve.

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