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Studio Etiquette

  1. Change of shift is to take place during the News. If there is no News, then during the last track. Do not interrupt the incumbent announcer.
  2. You are required to leave the studio in the basic ready to use mode. Should you use supplementary equipment, you must reset all switches and plug all standard equipment back in and ensure that it is operational. If you have moved any general settings, please ensure they are also back in their rightful places. Failure to do this will result in withdrawal of permission to use your supplementary equipment.
  3. Call the Technical Manager if a fault is present. If you are listening at home or in the car and the current presenter makes a mistake, or equipment malfunctions, do not phone in. The presenter is most probably trying to rectify matters.
  4. When you go to air at the start of your shift, thank the last announcer(s) for their program and indicate that they will be back next week etc.
  5. Promote upcoming programs (that is, within the next two or three days only). It is better to spread them out rather than bombard the listeners with too much information at one time.

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