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1:13am, Thu, 24/April/2014

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12:00am  Night Coach
5:30am  Breakfast Radio
8:30am  The Dodgy One
12:00pm  Welcome Back!
4:00pm  Bubble & Squeek
7:00pm  Golden Age of Memories
10:00pm  Rockin' Blues

Inability to present programme

Please be aware of your responsibility as a broadcaster. You have a shift on a Sydney FM radio station until further notice. It is both an achievement and an accomplishment. Should circumstances arise whereby you are unable to personally present your program, you must notify the Programme Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to your program's commencement.  By all means suggest a possible replacement person to present your show, but it is not your job to find a replacement.    The Programme Coordinator is in charge of who appears on air and must approve anyone who is running a show, even temporarily.