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Sponsorship Announcements

  1. It is imperative to follow announcement guidelines. A summary of these as issued by the Australian Broadcasting Authority is available to all announcers. DO NOT PLACE OUR LICENCE IN JEOPARDY BY INFRINGING THE CONDITIONS.
  2. There is to be no Sponsorship or promotion of cigarettes or tobacco products.
  3. There is to be no Sponsorship or promotion of goods or services which might be considered to offend community standards.
  4. All Sponsorship has to be approved by the Board or its committees and will be reviewed at the time the Sponsorship is submitted.
  5. You must not enter into any significant joint promotions or contra arrangements or involve the station in any outside third party promotions without the approval of the Board. Giveaways supplied by current paying Sponsors as part of normal programming are not considered significant. Any Sponsorship or contra agreement must benefit the station and not the individual announcer.
  6. Sponsorship income is a major source of income for the station and allows programs to go to air without payment. Should such income not be sufficient to keep the station on air, then announcers may be charged a fee to go to air.

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