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  1. The legal position relating to copyright is complex. Generally if you wish to use the work (e.g. song, music, story etc.) of another, you must have the permission of the author/composer. Hawkesbury Radio, along with other radio stations, has licence agreements with APRA which allows us to play music on air. The licence fee is based on a percentage of our income and we have no say as to how it is distributed.
  2. Our licence does not allow as to make adaptations of works, or to broadcast grand rights works (works longer than 20 minutes, and entire works such as Operas or Musicals). If you are thinking of doing so, you must contact the Board which will examine the licence situation. The Board may refuse permission if what is proposed is not covered by our licence.
  3. We pay a fee to AMCOS for a 'Production Music Licence', this allows us to use "Production" of "Library" music for jingles or Sponsorship announcements etc. The music covered by this licence is fairly restricted and does not include the music generally played on air. One example of "production music" would be the News intro.
  4. The use of normal musical works as a background for a "live read" Sponsorship announcement is not covered by our licence with APRA or AMCOS and should not be used.

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