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Code of Practice

  1. Announcers are to comply with the Code of Practice for Community Radio. Failure to do so may result in the loss of broadcasting privileges.
  2. Announcers may not broadcast material which may:
    1. Incite, encourage or present for their own sake violence or brutality.
    2. Simulate News or events in such a way as to mislead or alarm listeners.
    3. Present as desirable the misuse of drugs including alcohol, narcotics and tobacco.
    4. Stereotype, incite, vilify or perpetuate hatred against, or attempt to demean any person or group on the basis of Ethnicity, Nationality, race, gender, sexual preference Religion, age or physical or mental disability.
    5. Defame an individual, group or company.
    6. Harm Children
  3. Announcers of a News or Current Affairs program shall:
    1. Present factual material accurately and ensure that reasonable efforts are made to correct substantial errors of fact at the earliest possible opportunity.
    2. Clearly distinguish factual material from commentary and analysis.
    3. Not present News in such a way as to create public panic or unnecessary distress to listeners.
    4. Not misrepresent a viewpoint by giving misleading emphasis, editing out of context or withholding relevant available facts.
    5. Respect each persons legitimate right to protection from unjustified use of material which is obtained without an individual's consent or other unwarranted and intrusive invasions of privacy.
    6. Not broadcast the words of an identifiable person unless
      1. That person has been informed in advance that the words may be transmitted.
      2. In the case of words which have been recorded without the knowledge of the person, the person has subsequently, but prior to the transmission, indicated consent to the transmission of the words.
      3. The manner of the recording has made it manifestly clear that the material may be broadcast.

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