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  1. Membership of the Co-Op. is not a guarantee of an On Air Program.
  2. There will be no distinction between paid staff and volunteers in this respect.
  3. All announcers will act so as to portray the station in a favourable light and will not do anything which might bring the station into disrepute.
  4. Just as announcers have the privilege of being on air, they also have the responsibility for the station's successful operation. They will assist when asked, to tidy and clean the station premises.
  5. Announcers will assist in and support any fund raising activity on behalf of the station and any other community activities in which the station participates.
  6. Announcers will endeavour to attend presenters meetings when called.
  7. All announcers will take care of the studio equipment and will not do anything which is likely to cause damage or loss to the station.

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