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Responsibilities of the Station

The Rights and Responsibilities of Hawkesbury Radio Towards Members and Volunteers

Hawkesbury Radio has the right to:

  • expect your cooperation in working to uphold and maintain the station’s primary activities as set out in its rules and the station’s policies, procedures and guidelines
  • expect you to be familiar with the laws relating to broadcasting, station policies and procedures
  • expect you to be prompt, reliable and productive with regard to commitments and agreements made with Hawkesbury Radio
  • have confidential information respected
  • make a decision, in consultation with you, as to where your services and skills would best be utilized
  • Make decisions which may affect your work
  • Make programming decisions in accordance with programming policies, procedures and needs
  • Develop, implement and enforce rules, policies and procedures for all aspects of station operations
  • Develop and maintain all property and environs of the station
  • Provide you with feedback to enhance your programming and broadcasting development
  • Expect clear and open communication from you at all times
  • Suspend or dismiss you in accordance with station policies and procedures resulting from contravention of station rules, policies and procedures

Hawkesbury Radio has the responsibility to:

  • Provide you with a work environment which embraces the principles of access and equity
  • Value the importance of your role in the organization
  • place you in an appropriate, suitable position and environment
  • give you appropriate tasks in accordance with your strengths, abilities, training and experience
  • provide you with training so that you can expand your expertise and abilities
  • acknowledge your contribution to the station and provide you with the appropriate recognition and/or rewards
  • ensure staff have the appropriate skills required to work with you
  • provide adequate opportunities for formal and informal constructive feedback
  • provide you with information regarding any activities or changes at the station which may affect your work
  • consult with you (where possible and practicable) on issues that may affect your work
  • ensure that all station democratic processes are adhered to and that you are consulted in major decisionmaking processes
  • ensure that you are aware of station democratic processes and are encouraged to participate in them

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